Temper is not simply a brand but the new Insignia of the winners of the 21st Century. Only to be worn by those who reject modernity, complacency and general laziness, those who are marred by dust, sweat and blood yet sometimes fail but grow ever so stronger by it. Those who wear Temper may not be the most talented but with sheer will and determination can beat their peers in any Human Endeavor. WEAR WITH PRIDE, BE HONORED TO BE THE MINORITY.


Join the Temper community now, make yourself better to make the world better.


What makes us better

Simple- we use Competitive pricing, Superior products and Authenticity to surpass our competitors but in truth we are a niche market to only the minority, the winners of the 21st century. Those who actually wake up with purpose and do what is hard even when they do not want to.

Is this right for me

the Hard Choice is always the Right Choice- wearing this Obligates you to be your best self if you can't do that then no this is not for you please wear GymShark, Young LA etc.

I can Not Bench 225lbs

Thats okay as only 1% of people can, You will not be able to Win our most Superior shirt but the other products can help you get there but you have to want it bad enough, it's as simple as that. Keep Training

Pump covers, shorts, pants, etc.

We are very particular on the products we sell we are currently working on future products as you wait train harder to show it off properly. Stand by.......


We will offer many Challenges right now we are doing a 225lbs Bench Press but more Challenges are coming for you to win Superior free gear if you can earn it.
Stand by for Squat and Deadlift

ambassador program

Ambassadors are defined as a diplomats, delegators, compromisingly peaceful where as we only have Warriors- People who attack life. Don't compromise, keep their integrity!
If you are interested in helping spread our message, then email or message us on our Social Media.
We will see if your cut out for it!
Only the Best wear the Best